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Welcome to the Follow Me Blog!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Follow Me Blog! Thank you for supporting the book and the path that God has set me on. I am starting this blog to create a space where I can share with you all the things that God is leading me through and revealing to me as I walk this path.

The topics I write about may be directly related to the book or sometimes just reflections on life, God, and everything that comes with following Jesus. Sometimes you may even get short inserts from my beautiful wife, Bree. I love including her in all that I do because of the unique perspective that she has. If this is the case, I will specify, however it will be quite obvious who is writing. You will also get a look at some of the picture that we take on our adventure together.

I encourage you to check here often as I plan to post something here weekly. As much as I hope you benefit from these posts, this is also an opportunity for me to put into words all of the ideas and revelations that run through my mind on an almost daily basis. I hope that we can find a mutual benefit in this and that this will help you in your journey of following Jesus.

If you have not done so yet, I encourage you to consider buying my book, Follow Me. This book is the product of my experience in church, love for Jesus, and view of reality as a whole. Writing has helped me discover my own identity and purpose and I hope the very same thing for my readers.

Again, thank you for your support and taking the time to read this. Remember, we are all in this journey of following Jesus together and it is my goal to instill this philosophy in everything that I do with the book. My hope and prayer is to build an audience and relationship with my readers in which we see each other as alongside one another, all seeking the goal of being like Jesus and bringing forth heaven to the earth together. If you have questions or want more resources please take a look at our website. Here you can find contact info, subscribe to our email list for updates, and much more.

As you go throughout your week, make a point to remind yourself that we exist to carry on the life and work of Jesus. That is our shared and collective purpose and one that we can only accomplish together.

- Luke


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