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The Mistake of Faith

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

For the past few weeks, God has been revealing to me on the topic of faith and the type of faith we must have as the followers of Jesus. During this time, I've had trouble putting this into a practical call to action or a way that we could all get to this type of faith. At my church, during communion I presented the starting point of submission to Jesus.

During this past week I have come to see that submission to Jesus is the way to the type of faith that this life and relationship with God requires of us. Submission to Jesus, on a practical level, means following Him without our own agenda. It means simply and purely following Him like a child does with their parents.

As Christians we make a crucial mistake when it comes to faith. That is, that we mistake faith to be a belief that God will accomplish something that we want in our lives. However, faith is much simpler than this. True and pure faith is the belief that God will accomplish exactly what He wants to in our lives.

It means trusting that in every season and in every situation, God is with you, has you in that place for a reason, and will use you to accomplish whatever He desire there.

Genuine faith isn’t a belief, it is total submission.

When we mistake what true faith is, we complicate it. We set this end in sight for our lives, and we try to hold God accountable for getting us there. We begin to rack our minds trying to figure out how our current situation fits into this end that we are believing in God for and when the two don’t align, we step out of God’s purpose and do things to make it come true for ourselves.

Genuine faith is simple because it is unbiased and has no agenda. Genuine faith is simple submission to Jesus and following Him wherever He leads us without expectation.

When we complicate faith, we not only take God’s exclusive role into our own hands, but we drain ourselves because we never seem to get closer to that dream we have. But when we have true faith, we are constantly refueled by God, blown away by His faithfulness, and constantly in awe of the beautiful ways He shows up in our lives and uses us in the lives of others.

I’ll end with what I believe is the paradigm of this type of faith in the Bible, in the book of Daniel when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are sentenced to death. There is no questioning that their desire was to live. However, their concern is not with their own will but with the will of God. To paraphrase, they say “whether God decides to save us or allows us to be killed, He is still our God”. In this moment of life and death they all recognize that faith has nothing to do with their will but everything to do with God’s, even if that means their literal death.

So, I encourage you this week to shift the way that you approach your faith. Pull all of your desires, agendas, and biases from it and give faith a chance in your life by exclusively tying it to God’s will. Faith is not a belief that God will give you something you want; faith is total submission and trust in God no matter what that looks like for you.


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