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The Importance of Disconnecting

About a week ago, My wife and I had took a hiking trip to North Georgia. We stayed in a small cabin in the woods and spent the majority of our time hiking and basking in the beauty of God's creation.

This week really reminded me about the importance of disconnecting, and not just for a vacation but making a habit and a routine of disconnecting and getting into the presence of God. Getting in a place where we can hear nothing but the sound of His voice.

We live in a world that is overflowing with distractions. A world where everything is begging for our attention and drawing us in. We know this to be especially true with not only our world but specifically our culture. Almost everything seems to be an attack on our spiritual wellbeing. An attack on our time with God in order to prevent us from hearing what He desires for us clearly.

The scary thing about attacks on our spiritual health is that not everything that gets in the way of our time with God is necessarily a bad thing. Attacks on the other areas of our life are usually always negative and a bad thing. Physical attacks, emotional attacks, and mental attacks all have a negative source. But spiritual attacks are different, they are a matter of priority because even the beautiful things in our life can get in the way of our spiritual health whether it be hobbies, our careers, or even ministry itself.

And so during this past week surrounded by not much else but Gods creation, He reminded me of the importance of disconnecting and finding a way to do so even in daily life so that I can be in constant alignment with Him and His will for my life.

I came to the realization that I have almost just been getting by spiritually. I’ve been walking in purpose and doing some good things but there’s been a weight to them and they haven’t been what they could be. However, God reminded me that He doesn’t want us to get by, He wants us to thrive. God doesn’t want us to just exist, He wants us to live and to be alive. He wants us to walk in purpose with a freedom and a weightlessness that can only be attributed to Him. He desires us to experience the fullness of what He created life to be and the only way to do so is to be in a personal and deep relationship with Him. The type of relationship in which we do not miss a step with Him.

And so, I encourage you as I have myself this past week, to find a way to disconnect in your daily life. To disconnect and get into the presence of God so that you can clearly hear the sound of His voice and clearly perceive the direction in which He is leading you. Find a place where you can give Him 100% of your attention and do away with the distractions of life.

It is in this place and through this relationship with God that we experience what life was meant to be. It is the most freeing feeling we could possibly experience, and we’ve all felt it at times but God wants us to walk in that freedom at all times. So, find the way in which you disconnect from the world and connect with God. My way happens to be through nature and hiking, but it looks different for all of us. Make it your priority to prioritize God and find that thing or that place that connects you with Him the most.


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