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Love is Kind

Recently we began breaking down the meaning of love by coming out of 1 Corinthians 13. My goal with this is to build an understanding of what the pursuit of Jesus looks like on a practical day to day level. As we’ve discussed, faith is synonymous with the pursuit of Jesus and our pursuit of Jesus will always be rooted in love. So, by breaking down the practicality of love, we are putting ourselves in position to live in true faith and in true pursuit of Jesus.

We've talked about the patience of love and so next on our list of the qualities of love is the kindness of love.

But before we get into it, I want to share how I’ve worked to incorporate patience into my life this week and the impact it has had. So, this week I’ve made an intentional effort to be slow in my responses. Slow in the sense of allowing time for situations and conversations to unfold before I start responding out of my own thoughts. I’ve made an effort to leave room for others to get what they are saying out but more importantly room for the Holy Spirit to guide me in my response instead of just automatically responding out of the way that I feel.

Another thing that Bree and I have gotten back into the habit of doing is structuring our lives around our time with God and not our time with God around the rest of our life. And this in itself has worked wonders in our relationships and in our own internal state. It’s had a huge impact on my willingness to be patient.

One of the things that consistently blows me away with God is that when you make an effort to pursue Him, you see the fruit of that almost immediately. And so, if you haven’t done this yet, I encourage you to give it a shot because I guarantee God will show up in your life in some pretty cool ways.

So, love is kind.

Kindness by definition and its use in the bible means to be mild, gentle, tender, or sensitive. And so, love is not harsh, its not aggressive, its not overbearing, love is soft. Love is soft even in the moments where your love requires you to tell people things that are hard to hear. What is cool about the kindness of love is that it has a way of impacting someone more significantly than if you were to show tough love in a rough way. We can still show tough love while also being kind and in this we have more of an impact on the lives of others.

The kindness of love also relates to patience. Love is both patient and kind, meaning that through periods of patience and long-suffering, we remain kind and come out of those seasons remaining soft and gentle. We have a tendency to get to a breaking point with our patience and sort of snap and become harsh, but love remains kind not matter how long it must suffer.

Finally, love is seen in even the simplest acts of kindness. Being kind reflects the state of our heart and shows it to be rooted in the love of Jesus. Love, when internalized by us, creates within us a kind or tender disposition towards others meaning that our automatic response in any given situation, is to be kind and gentle.

So, love isn’t simply an act nor a characteristic. Love is a lifestyle that is developed through a relationship with Jesus and expressed in the way that we treat others around us. Love may seem like something huge we have to tackle or something that we will never master, however, true love is mastered in the small day to day acts of kindness.

And so, I’m asking that you all join me in incorporating kindness into our day to day lives this week and just allow love the chance to not only transform your life, but the lives of everyone around you.


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