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Let your Worry be Turned to Worship

It has been on our hearts lately to start posting on our blog more consistently. The reason for this is because we want to take a devotional style approach in our writing. To continue to find ways to add value and pour into your lives based on what God is walking us through and teaching us.


We believe that everything we experience and everything that God walks us through is meant to be shared. Meant to be used to lift others up and to bring glory to His name. It’s not just for us. The same goes for everyone reading this. Your life is meant to be a testimony of His goodness, a testimony of His power, and a light to the lives of others.


With that being said, God revealed something profound to us this week. It came to us on a hike in Glacier National Park (where we are currently set up in our new camper).

Glacier National Park
Avalanche Lake

The simple phrase “let your worry be turned to worship”.


This word from God is profoundly relevant to our current situation. God has us in a season where He is taking our faith to a new a level. Where He is using our circumstances to deepen our intimacy with Him. Where He is doing something new in our lives but at the same time teaching us something about our complete and total reliance on Him.


The command associated with this phrase is one to exercise our faith. To make a conscious effort to take our fears, our worries, and our doubts and replace them with worship. What is significant is that worship is an act done in response to the goodness of God. It is an act of faith, recognizing that God is worthy of being praised because He is who He says He is.


Faith isn’t something that is inherent. It isn’t something that is just given to us or sustained on its own. We have to exercise it. To strengthen it by putting it into action and consciously choosing it over the alternatives. Faith is a verb. Faith is a choice.


As we continued to pray, the phrase that God spoke began to unfold.


“Let your worry be turned into worship.”

In other words, take that uncertainty and turn it into faith. Take that anxiety and replace it with worship. Take that fear and replace it with a confidence in God. Choose faith.


“Your worry will be turned into worship.”

As you continue to put faith into practice and choose to worship instead of worry, it will become your automatic response to uncertainty in your life. Faith, when practiced and strengthened, will become the driving force in your life and the lens through which you perceive everything that happens to you.


“Your worry has turned into worship.”

Here is where it comes to a climactic point. As we make an intentional effort to trust God and to choose faith. As faith becomes part of who we are and ingrained in our perception, God is able to move according to it. Faith, when truly embraced, when exercised and chosen over every other alternative, begins to have a physical manifestation in our lives. As we bind ourselves to God and to our faith in Him, so do our circumstances. Our faith is the driving force that not only determines our perspective but has the ability to alter our circumstances. All we have to do is wholeheartedly trust God and put ALL of our faith in Him.


We are praying for you, and we hope that you will join us this week as we turn our worry into worship and choose faith over every alternative.


Luke 1:37

“For no word from God will ever fail.”


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