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Just Enough

This morning I want to share with you a place God has me in. What I want to share about is the blessing in having just enough and encourage us to become comfortable and even thankful for that season.

Bree and I are currently in a season of having just enough to start our life together. We are in a place where everything coming in is exactly what we need to move forward; mostly referencing our finances.

She and I could sit in this season and complain, worry, or even blame God for all the stress and pressure that comes along with this. We could take matters into our own hands and provide more for ourself than we need. Knowing that this would take our focus off of God and place our trust in ourselves. However, what we have decided to do is simply be thankful to God for providing us with just enough. We have decided to take this moment and open our eyes to what God is cultivating within us during this season.

God is teaching us to trust Him and cling to Him in a way that we never have before. He is getting us comfortable and thankful with having exactly what we need so when we are in a plentiful season, there is nothing holding us back from using the extra to provide for the needs of others. We know God will provide what we need so when we have more than we need, we will allow Him to use us as vessels to provide just enough for someone else.

Once we decided to view this season this way, all of the stress and pressure has been turned into encouragement. Instead of being worried, we’re looking forward to what this season implies about our future and our walk with Jesus.

If God is cultivating this mindset and perspective in us now, how exciting is that for what is to come?

Our problem as humans is that we get caught up stressing and complaining about not having more than enough. We fail to ever acknowledge the blessing of having just enough. We put our faith and trust in our savings or use our money as an assurance for tomorrow. We fail to recognize that God alone wants our faith and trust, and that He is the only one who can provide exactly what we need, the exact moment we need it. The tragedy is, we make money and our ability our idol; allowing it to take the place of God in our lives.

My encouragement to you is to open your eyes to see God in the “just enough”. Allow this to become a reminder to see how God is in and a part of every season of our lives. Rather than stressing and complaining about the hard seasons, ask yourself, “what is God using this season for?” “What does God want me to learn in this season?” Be thankful for every season and allow a perspective of thankfulness to transform your view of finances and provision as a whole.

An attitude of thankfulness for having our needs met cultivates a mindset of generosity that causes us to see anything extra as our ability to provide for the needs of others. View it as an opportunity to be God’s vessels to help provide their “just enough”. This mindset make its way into action and becomes the apparent/physical evidence of our faith and obedience to Jesus. It is the evidence that the teaching of Jesus has truly taken root within us. This type of lifestyle molds us into a living/breathing gospel to share Jesus with the world around us. That’s the whole idea. That’s the goal; for God’s Word to become who we are. For us to become one with it and to be living representations of it.

Generosity, giving, and providing for the needs of others are all part of what it means to follow Jesus and they are key components to establishing communities that are centered around Him. This is why the early church was structured in this way, which we see in the Book of Acts 2:42-47. The way of Jesus had an explicit impact in the lives of these people and began to shape/transform the way they lived as individuals and as a community. And so we must allow exactly the same thing to happen in our own communities.

- Luke

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