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Is Doubting Natural?

Coming off of what I wrote about last week, reflecting on the question of, are we truly pursuing Jesus?, my mind was flooded with questions. The types of questions that sort of challenge that process of reflection. However, what it led to is a beautiful reminder of what sustains us in this life that we are called to.


The following set of questions are sort of challenges to the ones that were presented last week. The gist of it is this, what is the point of making an effort to follow Jesus? How can we justify giving our all to something that is so irrational when compared to the ways and philosophy of the world that we live in?


At first these questions portray doubt. Doubt in Jesus. Doubt in the life He has called us to live. Doubt in ourselves. However, the answer that arises from asking these questions is one that silences doubt altogether.


Just as we can benefit from asking ourselves hard questions, our faith and relationship with God can benefit from them too. God is not afraid of our doubt. He does not withhold from us the answers when we are genuinely seeking them and doing so for the right reasons. And yet, one of the mysteries of God is that He can so seamlessly take our doubt and use it to bolster our faith. To elevate our faith to a place it could never have gotten to without doubt in the first place.


The series of questions and the answer God led me to are as follows. I hope and pray that they fuel your faith and ignite a passion to pursue God more intimately.


How does one go about giving their all to something they are predestined to fail at?


How does one assume real responsibility for something they are told has already been accomplished?


How does one find it within themselves to continue getting up after being put down endless times?


How do we operate in a world of logic with a philosophy of paradox and mystery?  Choose an upside down and illogical path instead of the path every fiber in our being screams at us to walk down.


How does one endure a life of injustice? A life of constantly being wronged with no justice done in return.


How do we love in the face of hate?


How do we live in a world of death?


By attaching ourselves to Jesus. Abiding in Him. Holding to Him through every moment. Seeking His counsel in everything. He is our only strength in such a world. Our only hope through such a life. Our only guide down such a path. The light in darkness. The life in death. The truth in lies. A person can endure only as much as they give to Jesus. A person can be changed only as much as they surrender to Jesus.


Jesus doesn’t want us to simply follow Him. He calls us to partake in His literal life. His prayer is that we would be one in Him just as He and the Father are one. Not simply a reflection of Him in the earth but an extension of Him. He is the spring from which our lives flow. The trunk from which we are sustained as the branches. The only way to successfully follow Him, the only way to truly live, is to be one with Him and one within Him.


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