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In the Waiting

If you have listened to our most recent podcast episode or kept up with our posts this past week, you will notice that everything revolves around a central theme; seasons of waiting. Bree and I have been taking this past week to pour into you about this topic because it is something that we are currently walking through together.


There is something special about the opportunity God gives us to speak about things that we are currently in the midst of. It's authentic, it helps us to internalize what God is walking us through, and most importantly it is our hope that if you find yourself in the same season that you will welcome us to walk alongside you in it. Realizing that you are not alone. First, you have God with you everywhere you go. Second, you have a community if nowhere else, in For the Radical.


That is our dream with this project. To build and foster a community that walks hand in hand with Jesus together. One that is inspired to follow Him radically through each other and one that inspires radical discipleship in others all around the world.


With that being said, here are a few thoughts regarding waiting seasons that we are holding on to and hope that will encourage you in whatever season God has you in.


As modern humans we are so accustomed to doing and producing nonstop due to societal pressures, how we’re wired, etc. 


We tend to measure our value and our worth by what we do, what we produce, and what the world around us sees us doing. 


However, God determines our worth, our value, and His ability to use us by our capacity to rest in Him. By our willingness to simply abide in Jesus. In God's eyes it’s not about the simple act of doing or about the quantity that we produce in our lives. In His eyes, it’s about doing with purpose and the quality of what we produce. Purpose and quality in the things that we do is attained by resting and abiding in Jesus. Abiding in Jesus is what gives us the correct mindset and framework through which we can go forth into the world and create. Create with value, create with purpose, and create things that bring God's Kingdom here to the earth.


Another thing that we are starting to realize is that sometimes the leap of faith that God is calling us to is not necessarily a leap at all but a simple rest. A lot of times it has nothing to do with doing but everything to do with waiting. A lot of us would agree that we would much rather "do" than simply be still. If we aren’t doing something we feel lazy, we feel like we are missing out, or we feel as if we will never get to the place we dream of being. However, rest and being still is exactly what God is telling us to do sometimes. Our success is determined by our capacity to realize that only God can take us where we dream of being and that our responsibility is to simply follow His lead.


So, don’t try to rush your way through a season of waiting. Don’t get in the way of what God is doing in that season by “working” your way through it. If God tells you to wait and to rest in Him, do exactly that. Don’t ignore that call. Because the qualities and the spiritual maturity that are produced in the waiting season apply to every season of life. Seasons of waiting in our lives aren’t only relevant in that moment. Those seasons teach us things that we will need in the place that God is taking us.


Every season requires us to rest in the presence of God. Every season requires patience and endurance. Every season requires us to embrace the peace He gives us that surpasses all understanding. 


Waiting seasons are the place where God gives to us the correct way to go about what He calls us to do and the correct mindset for all that we work to produce in and through our lives. 


We are praying for you, we are rooting for you, and we are blessed to walk this path alongside you.



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