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Are we truly pursuing Jesus?

Moving into this new year, something that has been on my heart to both practice and share is taking a step back to look at ourselves and look at our lives.


Taking time to ask ourselves some hard questions. Giving us the opportunity to reflect on our lives and make some changes that need to be made.


The summary of these questions is, are we taking God seriously?


Are we moved by His will or are we moved by our own desires? What gets us up and excited in the morning? Is it the breath of God in our lungs or the opportunity to get out into the world and make something of our own? To create for Him or to create for ourselves?


Have we internalized the fact that Jesus has called us to follow Him and that by saying that, He means to literally participate in Him. Does that weigh on us? Or do we just shrug it off?


Are we pursuing righteousness and purity in our lives? Or are we letting ourselves get away with things as if God doesn’t see it all?


Are we doing the most we can to serve others and actively seeking out opportunities to pour into their lives? Are we simply avoiding what is bad or are we making an effort to pursue what is good?


Do we truly understand the fact that God is moved by our decisions and behavior? That as insignificant humans, we have the ability to either bring joy or grief to the God of the universe?


Do we recognize God as one who is close and intimate, or do we see Him as detached and distant? Do we make an effort to see Him in everything around us or are we blinded to His presence unless He does something miraculous?


These are questions that have been on my mind, and I felt led to share them with you. If we aren’t giving Jesus our everything then we may as well not give Him anything at all.


It’s ok if the answers to some of these are no. Part of giving Him our all is taking a step back, examining ourselves, and making the changes that are needed to make them a yes.


Failure is ok because we serve a God who is compassionate and merciful. Failure is ok because God gives us the gift of repentance and is moved to grace by our repentance.


So, as we walk into this new year and for the rest of our time here on earth, let’s allow these types of questions to weigh on us, to guide us, and to correct us when we stray off course. Let’s allow them draw us closer to the one who desires us so passionately.


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