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2024 Update

2023 has been a whirlwind of a year for Bree and I. What has only been 365 days feels as if it has been a lifetime of experiences and accomplishments. To summarize, we got married, published a book, launched a non-profit, added a puppy to our family, started our own freelance photography/videography business, and so much more that won’t fit into this post. While this year has been crazy, we have come out of it and into 2024 with a renewed sense of purpose. With a reignited passion and focus, we are pursuing our dream to inspire radical discipleship around the world.


More importantly, God has used this year to reveal so much more about who He is and the love that He has for us. We have watched Him provide for us, guide us, and now call us to a new level of faith.


With that being said, moving into this new year we are placing our focus on For the Radical. We believe that this book and the non-profit project we have organized alongside it are the very thing that God has created us to do, and we are excited to do so alongside you.


There are two main parts of For the Radical. That is, the educational part and the action part. Through the educational aspect of For the Radical we seek to inform. To teach people about the life and mission of Jesus and to share with others what we’ve been learning along the way.


We then want to take that education and turn it into action. To turn it into something tangible and something that impacts the lives of people around us. In the near future we will be launching opportunities to put the teaching of Jesus into action and ways that you can do so in your own communities.  


For the beginning of this year, we are going to take the time to build the educational foundation of this beautiful dream God has planted in us.


What that means is this:

·       Launching a Podcast.

·       Engaging and teaching people about Jesus through social media.

·       Spreading the reach of “Follow Me”.

·       Publishing workbooks to complement our readers journey through “Follow Me”.

·       Releasing For the Radical merch.

·       Teaching live audiences about discipleship around the country.

·       And much more as God directs our steps and opens doors for us.


While this seems like a lot, we are going to approach it at the pace of Jesus. We want to allow Him to lead the way instead of getting ahead of Him and asking Him to catch up with us. We believe that our lives and everything we do must happen in His timing. This year is about being bound to His perfect will and taking those leaps of faith in the moments that He calls us to.


We are diving headfirst into this thing and trusting that God will pave the way. Trusting that He will open and close doors. Trusting that He will provide a way when there seems to be no ground to step on. This is what following Jesus is all about and we encourage you to approach this year in the very same way. With a complete and total trust in Jesus, no matter how crazy and counter intuitive it looks.


As we all enter into this new year, we pray that God will reveal Himself to all of us in a new and profound way. We pray that our hearts and minds would be open to seeing Him in and through everything around us. Finally, we pray that our will would be completely bound to His.


We are humbled by the fact that we get to play a part in God’s plan for creation by serving you.


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